Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) in SMK FOMRA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has been duly established and Dr.R.Rajeswari HOD/IT department is the Co-Ordinator with Eight Members constituting the WEC.

First and foremost the Inauguration of WEC was held on 16th October 2013. The Chief Guest of the day was Ms. Priyamvatha, Special Correspondent, Headlines Today  and, Ms.Aishwarya Raman, Co-founder & CEO of AutoRaja was the Guest of Honour.

Dr. R. Raja Principal SMKFIT welcomed the gathering and in his welcome address he elaborately stressed the need for empowering the women folk. In her Chief Guest address Ms.Priyamvatha stressed need for giving respect to the women by the male. She further elaborated that Indian women are facing lots of challenges and over the time, they are able to address such challenges in the society by duty, taking risk. But then they face enormous discrimination in the Society. This has led to even slower development in all sectors.

Once this is removed and with equal opportunity as enshrined in the Constitution, development in India would be faster. For the benefit of especially girls and lady members, she herself narrated the risky experience faced as Journalist of the TV Channel and how she came out with success competing with male dominated media.

She asked the women especially the girl students to have more self confidence to overcome difficulties in their day to day life.

Ms. Aishwarya Raman, Co-founder & CEO of  AutoRaja , in her address narrated various social problems faced by especially the rural women. Even though being a Post Graduate of Oxford University, she came down to the earth and with empowerment on her, she is able to address and solve the social problems and the discrimination to women by going to the interior of rural areas to make a survey of hardships faced by Women. This has led to a complete mind change in reforming socially for the upfit of the rural women.

She narrated her own experience in handling even various problems faced by the women and a solution to the satisfaction of both women and men in the family.

The question session was very impressive and the audience questions were classified in a detailed manner on the rise of the women in the society. Finally Dr. Ushaa Eswaran, Director SMKFIT, abundantly observed that even with literate women, the gender discrimination exists and that should be avoided especially in a work syndrome.