Civinan’14 Civil department symposium

Civil Engineering
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       Civinan’14 Civil Engineering department symposium was held on January 25th 2014 in SMK Fomra campus. Inauguration was held in conference hall at 10 a.m. Symposium was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr.K. Muthumani, Mrs. Neha Fomra, Joint Correspondent of SMK Fomra addressed the gathering, Principal Dr.Usha Eswaran felicitated the session, HOD of CIVIL department Mr. Prabhu Christopher addressed the Chief Guest. All the dignitaries lightened the kuthuvilakku. President of the symposium gave the address about the Symposium, Joint secretary gave the Introduction about Chief Guest and the events were started by 10:30 a.m. Events like PAPER PRESENTATION, MODEL MAKING, STRUCTURE, CADD- CONTEST, PLAN-THE ROAD, ADZAP, GOLDEN BALL, MINUTES TO WIN, SURPRISE EVENTS . Paper presentation was held in conference hall, other events were conducted in Civil Engineering Department, Prelims were conducted at the first half of the session. Lunch break was from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm. After the lunch final round was conducted. Around 200 students participated in all events, 50 papers appeared for paper presentation. Students from various departments also participated. Many students got prize in various events. Valedictory function was held in conference hall at around 3.00 p.m. All students received their participation certificates and the winning certificates. Principal, HOD, Faculty Members, Students and Participants gave a speech about symposium and about youngsters and their participation in country. Vote of thanks was given by HOD. Hence the symposium was successfully conducted.