A placement –linked training program

Category:  Placement Training

A placement –linked training program is organized by SMKFIT for the benefit of students. This training is offered to every student from the first year to the fourth year. It is aimed at preparing the students to face the job market that is ahead of them.

                The training module highlights the general placement scenario in India, various job opportunities, job requirements, industry demands, communicative skills, soft skills and career skills.  The sessions are conducted as learner-centered activities which involve every student. Communicative skills focus on the basic patterns of communication with role plays and grammar games. Soft skill modules deal with the vitality of possessing corporate behavior and elite manners. Career skills and interview skills will help students to understand the requirements for a better job.

The concluded sessions exhibited high student participation and involvement in learner games and activities.

These exclusive training sessions will continue till the 19th of March 2014.